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Nichiren at sunrise on 28th April 1253Reach my full potential.
Live a limitless life.
Become absolutely happy.

Whoa! Some serious goals I’ve got there. They’re certainly not self-explanatory, and since I’ve set them for myself about a year ago, I’ve had to reanalyse them constantly.

I practise Nichiren Buddhism, and I’m a member of SGI (Soka Gakkai International). Since I started the practise, I’ve learned methods from other members how to set myself goals and achieve them without fail. It’s not impossible to do this without having a particular religious/philosophical stance, but I’ve given pretty much everything else a go and this thing simply works. I’ve finally gotten actual proof of that.

It started simply with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. NMRK.

What were my motives to start practising Buddhism? I needed to find real value in everything I did and create truly meaningful content in my life. None of this up-and-down nonsense, where a person or a thing defined my mood. More positivity. Feeling good about the future. And even about death.

When I realised that Buddhists weren’t just bald-headed monks dressed in orange robes sitting on mountaintops – they were just like me, people with normal jobs, aspirations and problems – it opened my eyes to religion and philosophy and I saw my profession in new light too. Obviously being a nurse or a therapist means you’re helping others selflessly, thus creating value. But what’s so noble about perfectly kerned type? Can I save lives by design?

The answer is probably no, not directly. But saving lives doesn’t necessarily create the greatest value. I’m going to tie my motivation to the concept of kosen-rufu, a “ceaseless effort to enhance the value of human dignity, to awaken all people to a sense of their limitless worth and potential”. Big words again. But it will allow me to attach a greater sense of meaning and mission to anything I do, really.

So I’m going to start simply from HyperText Marking Language. HTML.

I’m simply maximising the value of my existing expertise and making total use of my hours at work, where orders for print design are diminishing at a quick pace. It’s not a pessimistic decision to retrain as a web designer – it’s progressive. And if I can’t hack it?

There’s no such thing as “I can’t” in Buddhism.

Original Source: http://cunningshepherd.wordpress.com/


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