DataWind’s two new tablets 7+ and 7C Launched

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DATAWIND, THE Montreal and London-based creator of the UbiSlate 7 (Aakash) tablet, announced the launch of two new seven inch low-cost tablets — the Ubislate 7+ and Ubislate 7C on Thursday.

While Ubislate 7+ is priced at Rs 2999, the 7C model will cost Rs 3,999. Both the tablets come with similar specifications, only that the Ubislate 7C comes with 4 GB of internal flash memory compared to 2GB in the Ubislate 7+.

DataWind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said, “We have now created a product that removes the barriers and levels the playing field (with other nations).”

Datawind’s co-chairperson and chief technology officer, Raja Singh Tuli said, “We had to create a technology that could deliver internet access everywhere at an affordable price,” he said.

A version of this product will be sold as the Akaash II via the Indian government, with a subsidy, for school students. The project is strongly backed by Human Resource minister Kapil Sibal.

The second generation brings in a faster (800 MHz) processor, a (claimed) better battery life. The tablets have micro USB slots for memory expansion and also include a USB port, that can also be used for optional 3G USB modems.

The included DataWind UbiSurfer browser uses compression to optimally use GPRS , and versions of the product will ship with unlimited internet access for Rs 99 a month. Both models are 7 inches and ship with Android 2.3, though the Ice Cream Sandwich flavour (upgraded version) of Android is due on the product by July, said Tuli.

Aakash and Akaash II beyond the first 1 lakh units, is subject to a re-tendering process that DataWind and others are bidding for. The project, originally associated with IIT-Rajasthan, has now been moved to IIT-Bombay, after disagreements with the testing process, specs and results.


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